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Nameless Music Festival 2022 - Italy's Biggest Dance Festival

Tiesto Live with laser beams

Photo Credit: Effetto Laser 

From June 2-5, 2022 Italy's biggest dance festival Nameless Music Festival kicked off in Annone di Brianza, Italy, impressing party-goers with great lighting design by the Italian company, Effetto Laser and catchy music.  The event hosted many of the world's hottest DJs and artists including Afrojack, DJ Snake, Illenium, and Tiësto.  

Based in the province of Milan and specializing in laser shows and special effects, the Effetto Laser team was instrumental in helping create a unique look for each artist.  The team upgraded the venue by installing a fleet of high-powered RGB lasers on stage to project over the audience to create immersive laser effects such as graphics, beams, and waves.  To create the impressive display, the lasers were integrated with Pangolin FB4 control hardware and the laser show was programmed using Pangolin BEYOND, allowing the lasers to perfectly accent the live music from the featured artists.  

Music festival laser show

Music festival laser show

colorful laser beams for music festival

white laser beams for music festival

laser wave water effect over audience

laser wave effect over audience

Laser Technology Used

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