Pangolin의 비욘드 소프트웨어를 사용한 3D 레이저 매핑 | Pangolin Laser Systems

Pangolin의 비욘드 소프트웨어를 사용한 3D 레이저 매핑

What Is 3D Laser Mapping?

Like normal laser mapping, 3D Laser Mapping is an effect that is used to highlight and bring out the important or desired details in an object to help it stand out.

However, the difference is that 3D laser mapping is used in a way that projects the effect onto a object to display as if it's three actually dimensional, rather than just being directly projected onto an object.

Why use BEYOND for 3D Laser Mapping?

Used in the video example above, as well as majority of the laser shows and displays around, is Pangolin's BEYOND software. If you've never heard of BEYOND, it's an extremely powerful and robust software built for designers who are looking to create the biggest and best laser shows around.

But what exactly makes BEYOND so special, especially in the case of laser mapping? Besides the countless hours of work that was put in to create the software, BEYOND is equipped with a set of tools that make creating 3D laser displays possible.

When it comes to laser mapping, there is one very important tool in particular, the Advanced Frame Editor. Though the Advanced Frame Editor can, and is used for a variety of different tasks, though it’s the essential tools and easiest way to create amazing laser mapping displays.

BEYOND Advanced Frame Editor

Inside the Editor, you can select your “laser mouse” to draw points, lines, or shapes, onto your object that is being used for laser mapping. Once you’ve created your shape, you can than save that as a cue, add effects to it, put it on a timeline as part of a show, or create a combination of those cues for one giant laser mapping display. The abilities are limitless.

Creating effects with the advanced frame editor inside of BEYOND

The craziest part is how simplistic BEYOND makes laser mapping, it may “sound” difficult, but all you’re doing is taking your mouse and tracing objects to create the display that you want.

How Can I Create 3D Laser Mapping Display With BEYOND?

Our Creative Director Lyra Letourneau has created a very easy to follow video that walks you through all the steps that you need to take when setting up, creating, and projecting a 3D Laser Mapping display. Along with other tips and tricks you can use to make the process as quick and efficient as possible.

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